Where Roads Can’t Reach Blockchain Drone Might Travel

The video of the SKYF drone shot near the Russian City of Kazan was released earlier last week. The makers claimed that the video would be posted on the SKYF blockchain platform.

According to the SKYF team, the drone can carry items weighing up to 880 pounds over a distance of 320 Kilometres.

Their whitepaper revealed their plans of entering into the $127 billion industry. SKYF chain aims to provide services to drone clients in the agriculture, logistics, and infrastructure industry.

“Drones are sure to become part of the transport industry. SKYF Automated vehicles provide better speed and low operating cost.” – PWC

According to Abhimanyu Raheja, the overall number of automated vehicles is expected to reach 110 million by the end of 2026. “As of today, drones can carry only minimal items, but we want to open a new market for heavy-duty cargo drones.” – Abhimanyu Raheja, an analyst at BIS research.

The final delivery step to the customer within the e-commerce industry has gained utmost priority. Such priority has turned around the significant driving force of the B2C parcel logistics industry. Alongside delivery and pickup options, speed is the primary driver. Next-day or two-day delivery is now the industry standard. The next evolution will be same-day delivery.

The one critical area that hasn’t changed over the last decade is the logistics”. – Rob Hango-Zagda Shippit.

“75% of e-commerce businesses across Asia-pacific pour their passion into the marketing, sales, and development of their products, only to lose all control to delivery.” – Paul Greenberg, executive director of NORA.

Paul Greenberg adds, “The behemoth of the Asia-pacific world still uses the age-old delivery service.”

“We need a blockchain solution to create trust between the counterparts involved in the drone industry. The solution must be able to store different pieces of information about the drones. This includes the manufacturer’s license, the drone’s flight path, and the performance of the operators.”

Timofeev believes that drone delivery will be high in demand in the banks of large Siberian Rivers, where the bridges are distanced from each other.

Although the project is still in its early stage, experts predict that by 2021, SKYF will have about 1100 drone operating worldwide.

To financially support the project, the team decided to hold an ICO. The main aim of the ICO is to allow manufacturers of the sea-borne drone to join the SKYF chain network.

The SKYF drone services registered the ICO with the aim to raise $30 million. Right now, the projected have raised $6 million.