Walmart To Launch Automated Delivery Drones Via Blockchain

Retail giant Walmart has joined the list of top brands that are interested in blockchain development. On August 30, the company filed for a patent for its recent innovation.

The application detailed ways by which autonomous electronic devices communicate with each other wirelessly, and also help deliver goods from one location to another effortlessly. This blockchain service allows for the conveyance of objects after adequate identification has taken place.

There are so many variables at play in the delivery industry; from proper handling, to delivery time and cost. This breakthrough in the use of automated flying technology is anticipated to be an instrument that will help reduce the time spent to send goods from point A to B. It will also boost the trust level of consumers, since there is very little human interaction in the process.

Walmart while speaking on the new blockchain connecting automated delivery drone noted that “for the fact that customers put their trust on these flying machines requires them to perfect the system both in relation to security and raising a reliable system for the identification of the drones.”

This he noted will enable the customers to quickly identify which of the drone is carrying their package and be confident that their product is in a good hand.

The robots can identify each other through RFID codes, Ultrasound, or QR codes. Drones will also be knitted with unique features to help differentiate them.

The blockchain system described in the filing comprises “a multiplicity of nodes aligned to create computational proof of record veracity and the sequential order of its use for content, trade, and/or as a currency of exchange through a peer-to-peer network,” the document says, and “each node works on finding a difficult proof-of-work for its bloc.” Smart contracts also can be built into this framework, according to Walmart’s team.

Walmart has been fully active in the development of different types of blockchain technologies and solution for the advancement and ease in carrying out its business.