Tsukuba Tries Out Blockchain-Based Voting System

A new blockchain technology was tested recently in Tsukuba, a Japanese city north of Tokyo. The new technological innovation is intended to give the citizens of Tsukuba the opportunity to determine which project the government would carry-out for the communities without any interference in the voting system or any sort of manipulation in the voting process. Local news outlet, The Japan Times, reports that this blockchain technology was apparently used to prevent any form of meddling in the voting process.

The application was tested in late August 2018. To be eligible to vote, each participant ought to have their unique Number Card. The card comes with a unique 12-digit ID number and has been issued to all Japanese citizens and foreigners living there.


Due to the rate of scientific research that has often been carried out in this city of Tsukuba, the city has been dubbed by The Japan Times as a “center for scientific research”’


The blockchain voting system is fully dedicated to the provision of several social programs to residents. Residents are given the opportunity to choose out of the 13proposed initiative program, which should be initiated. Some of these programs include construction of objects for outdoor sports, developing of a new cancer diagnostic technology and creation of sound navigation in the city.


With this new breakthrough in social utility voting system recorded in Tsukuba, the process of using blockchain technology in election processes is now underway in different cities all over the world.


This new rave of the moment is now making online voting easier and more secured. The Swiss city of Zug recently made use of blockchain tech in conducting its election in July 2018.


The U.S. army is also exploring blockchain solutions. Here, the U.S. government wants to adopt blockchain tech for troops serving oversees to have the opportunity to vote in their federal election that will be taking place in West Virginia by November 2018.


Speaking on this groundbreaking development, the Mayor of Tsukuba – Tatsuo Igarashi noted that that the blockchain technology had helped them to solve a lot of voting problems. Speaking further on that, he noted that “I had thought [blockchain] would involve more complicated procedures, but I found that it’s minimal and easy,”