Mastercard May Be Entering the Crypto Space Soon

Popular payments giant, Mastercard has given subtle hints of its interest in the crypto wallet space via recent job listings on its career website. The company is seeking to hire professionals for senior blockchain roles, suggesting its interest to finally pursue core development in blockchain development.

Recent listings include roles like senior blockchain engineer, VP for product management, director for product management and director for product development and innovation, all in the cryptocurrency and wallet niche.

Do you have the courage to look into the eyes of disruptive forces without fear, and maneuver them to your advantage? Do you have the desire to work at the cutting-edge intersection of payments and crypto-currencies? Do you have the ambition to build something which you can narrate to your grandchildren?
If yes, then this opportunity is made for you.

Mastercard is also looking to fill other roles that require some blockchain expertise. Potential employees are generally expected to ideate and advocate for blockchain concepts within Mastercard.

Seeing corporate behemoths like Mastercard, Facebook, IBM, Alibaba, Samsung and others explore blockchain solutions validates the tech to an extent. However, as in the case of Facebook’s Libra, will these heavyweight players push for a centralized and regulated structure? Current crypto projects may begin to see some stiff competition if these corporate heavyweights decide to take the bull by the horn.