How Much Would You Pay for a Physical Bitcoin?

Take a minute and think about how much you are willing to pay for a physical bitcoin. At the current price of approximately $11,300, I bet no one will be willing to shell out more than $15,000 at best for a physical token of the famous cryptocurrency.

Interestingly, an eBay seller, alpine_puppy has listed a physical bitcoin for $99,000 on the platform. The Casascius brass token was listed on July 1 and contains 1 BTC and all its derivatives including Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

According to the seller, the token was created in 2011, purchased in 2012 and remains unredeemed, with all its seal intact. He said:

I am the original owner of the Casascius Bitcoin with the above-mentioned serial number. I purchased it in 2012 and have kept it in my safe until now. I had it graded a few years ago. A collector’s must-have. Only a few hundred remains in the ENTIRE world. Loaded/unredeemed with all seals intact.

As for payments, the seller is willing to accept crypto or real-estate payments.

Casascius bitcoins were created in 2010 as collectibles by a Bitcoin enthusiast. He, however, discontinued the production and sale of the tokens in 2013.

Although I cannot seem to wrap my head around why anyone will pay almost $100,000 for a collectible item that is currently worth less than 30% in value, lovers of art may have a thing or two to say about the value of the collectible. The seller goes on to claim that the last piece was sold in March for $45,000.

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