DeepBrain Chain Launches AI Training Net

Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two innovative techs that are set to change the world as we know it. Imagine forgetting to turn off your gas or lock your doors and you are already on your way to work. IoT is enabling a world where virtually everything is connected, and you can monitor events and activities from your smartphone, wherever you are. AI, on the other hand, is capitalizing on computer intelligence and programming/training machines to work and react like humans. Some of the major highlights of AI is that it achieves increased accuracy, analyzes data faster and deeper, perfect for repetitive learning, and adapts through progressive learning algorithms.

DeepBrain Chain is the world’s first AI platform based on a distributed ledger – blockchain. By bringing together millions of distributed nodes, the platform can help artificial intelligence companies save up to 70% of what they spend on computational power. Smart contracts also create a secured and private environment for data providers and data buyers to interact, negotiate, and trade freely.

The blockchain company announced on August 8 the launch of its AI Training Net. A step towards enabling a global AI cloud-computing services platform. Excerpts from their website with regards to AI Training Net reads:

“AI Training Net is a core function in DeepBrain Chain R&D team’s development. It is a trading platform that consolidates computing resources and carries out matchmaking for computing power provider and computing power requester.”

There’s no arguing the fact that AI processes consume a lot of computing power. This need has grown exponentially in the last few years and doubles every three and half months. Sadly, one of the setbacks to AI’s development is the exponential need for more computing power. DeepBrain Chain is working towards building an affordable and decentralized network where spare computing capacity can be bought and shared. This will serve as fuel to this growing industry.

AI Training Net is the first steps towards commercialization of the DeepBrain Chain project. Artificial Intelligence companies can now use an affordable and secured system to train their models. It is also worth mentioning that to celebrate the launch, the company is distributing its tokens – DBC to research institutes and universities in the AI field.

Some of the projects being trained on the company’s AI Training Net features learning programs in voice recognition, natural language processing, medical imaging, and driverless cars, amongst others.

Some of the advantages of DeepBrain Chain’s AI Training Net includes:

Low latency: The platform utilizes as few resources as possible in order to speed up user-experience.

Enhanced computing performance: Since most AI products run on deep neural network algorithms, DeepBrain Chain has optimized its operations to support popular deep-learning frameworks like TensorFlow, CNTK, and Caffe, amongst others.

Privacy: The privacy of every participant is highly protected through encryption algorithms.

Flexible supply: The Training net is able to scale seamlessly, and allows for automatic container deployment.

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