CCN May Not be Shutting Down

There may be some good news coming from the stables of the popular crypto news site, CCN. The company which had earlier reported that it was shutting down following Google’s recent Core update may be having a stay on its decision.

CCN in an article on June 12 noted that it has “received all manner of helpful feedback from SEO experts and product experts in Google’s Webmasters Forum,” and will be working to fix the issue which caused an over 70% drop in traffic coming to the site.

The project’s founder and director, Jonas Borchgrevink noted that articles from the company’s previous domain name, CryptoCoinsNews may be the culprit for the drop the traffic. He states:

While we’ve been working in the dark, trying to get to the bottom of our massive visibility drop on Google, a friendly helper in Google’s forum mentioned that ‘’ – our previous domain- is reappearing in Google searches. That was a massive surprise for us as I personally requested a domain name change in 2017 from to Since that change, ‘’ was effectively absent on Google. Now it’s back and is inexplicably using recent 2019 articles from This is abrupt and confusing.

As they rightly stated, although their efforts to remedy the decrease in traffic may not overturn the effect overnight, it is a step in the right direction. We wish them good luck.