Braves Launches Tipping Feature for Twitter Users

I bet no one has ever given you a dime for tweeting, creating a Facebook post, or sharing an image on Instagram. Interestingly, the narrative is set to change for Twitter users with the launch of a tipping service by Brave browser. The tipping service which is still in the beta phase will allow Twitter users to top content creators with Brave’s native Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Quoting an official post from the Brave team, they noted:

When users visit Twitter with the Brave desktop browser, and have enabled Brave Rewards, they will see a new “Tip” button on each tweet. Clicking on this button will allow the users to send BAT directly to the author of the tweet for an amount of their choosing.

100,000 BAT tokens will be given to Brave desktop users in regions that do not support Brave Ads, as part of the launch. The team has also added an automated tipping feature.

Twitter is the third social media channel to be added to Brave’s tipping service. Brave already supports tips for YouTube and Twitch. The company has revealed that Vimeo, Reddit and GitHub are next on its list.

Brave is a blockchain-based browser that is working to create equity between internet users, content creators and advertisers. Up until this point, the profit funnel tilts in favor of search engines and large corporations. Internet users are often fed unwanted ads, content creators are at the mercy of these large brands, and advertisers are not certain their ads are reaching the right audience. Brave’s micro-tipping model incentivizes users to viewing ads. Content creators are also rewarded for their efforts, and advertisers are sure that their ads are reaching the right people.