Brave Integrates Tipping Service on Vimeo and Reddit

Brave has extended its tipping feature to Vimeo and Reddit users. Earlier this month, Brave launched the service for Twitter users with revelations that Vimeo, Reddit and GitHub were next in line. True to its words, the blockchain-based internet browser now has the tipping feature enabled on both Vimeo and Reddit.

The team made the announcement on Twitter on August 21, stating that:

Our desktop browser update today (0.68.131) features tipping creators on Vimeo and Reddit with BAT!

Interestingly, Brave is not the only one to have tried to integrate a tipping feature on social media platforms. Earlier in 2012, Vimeo unveiled its Tip Jar feature which would allow content creators to receive donations between $1 to $500 by PayPal or credit. The service lasted for 3 years before it was shut down. Vimeo moved on to focus on another monetization tool call Vimeo on Demand.

Reddit also initiated a Bitcoin tipping feature in 2013 via the bitcointip bot. By 2014, another Bitcoin tipping service – Changetip replaced the bitcointip bot. Sadly, Changetip shut down in 2017.

The success of Brave’s tipping feature will further increase its popularity and may usher in a new dawn in the content creation industry. Creatives can now easily get paid for their work on social media.